Online journal

The Future of Humanity Research Center publishes
"COMMONS," an online journal.
We plan it to be a yearly periodical.
The essays published in "COMMONS" cover from liberal arts to science.
We would like to build a "field" beyond one particular boundary of one particular science, a "field" that explores a new horizon.

Essay Journal: "COMMONS"

(online) ISSN 2436-9187
"COMMONS" consists of two parts; 'feature articles' and 'peer-reviewed papers.'
The featured theme of VOL.3 is "play.”

About Written Submissions for Posted Essays

The deadline for VOL.3 is July the 31st, 2023. The featured theme of VOL.3 is "play." The journal has two categories, "Special Issues" and "Peer-reviewed Articles." Applicants submit his/her paper to either category. Eligible applicants include faculty, staff (including part-time lecturers), graduate and undergraduate students affiliated with the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The category of "Special Issue" will call for a wide range of reviews, essays, etc. related to the featured theme "play" of VOL.3.

The category of "Peer-reviewed Articles" will call for academic papers. If you would like to submit a peer-reviewed paper on a theme related to the "play," please submit it to this category.

Posted papers to the category of “Special Issue” will be assessed by the Editorial Committee. In some cases the Editorial Committee may reject the paper or request revisions.
Posted papers to the category of "Peer-reviewed Articles," will be assessed according to the regulations. We are looking forward to your submissions.